Inductive UV irradiation source with swivel head

Inductive UV irradiation source with swivel head
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Inductive UV or White Light LED Sources are used while working with hand yoke or cross yoke electromagnets. The network independent light sources have been designed for simultaneous irradiation (illumination) of the working area during testing with fluorescent or colour magnetic particle powder by single handed operation only. The adjustable swivel head ensures the correct irradiation angle depending on distance between poles and length of legs of yoke in order to get an optimum homogeneous irradiation field right in the center of the working area. The splash protected (IP 65) light source fit on all hand yokes with a pole cross section up to 50 x 50 mm. The light sources can be fixed quickly and easily at the yoke leg and fastened with two plastic screws. When switching on the yoke – i.e. during magnetizing, post-magnetizing and examination cycles – the unit is being fed by inductive current and illuminates or irradiates the working area. Therefore neither battery nor mains supply is needed. The light sources have proved themselves especially in testing under restricted space conditions, on construction sites and improvised test places, where only limited possibilities for auxiliary instrument using are available.