Ketos ring

Ketos ring
Ketos ring Ketos ring
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The sample is designed to determine the defectoscope working capacity and the quality of magnetic powder suspension. The sample represents itself a 7/8"(22,2mm)-wide disk. Outer diameter 5"(127mm), inner diameter 1,25"(31,75mm) - made from steel AISI 01.                            12 holes (diameter 0,07" (1,78mm) are placed on different distances from the outer cylindrical surface. When current (FWDC or HWDC) is passed through the central conductor, (conductor diameter 1 3/16 “, conductor length mustn’t be less then 400mm), waste fields appear, decreasing as the distance from the hole to the outer cylindrical surface increases. When the magnetic suspension is applied on the disk, magnetic powder accumulates over the cylindrical surface holes, forming indicator lines.
The process, corresponding to the recovery of the majority of lines is accepted as optimal.