Nord-test developer U89

Nord-test developer U89
Nord-test developer U89 Nord-test developer U89 Nord-test developer U89
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Developer for visible penetrant inspection.

The penetrant method of non-destructive testing is based on capillary penetration of indicator
liquid (penetrant) into the surface defects (cracks, pores etc.). After intermediate cleaning and
subsequent drying, a developer is applied as a thin, white layer onto the surface to be
inspected. The developer “pulls” the penetrant out of the surface defects and makes them
visible as coloured, linear or rounded indications. Documentation is possible by means of
adhersive foil, photographic or video techniques.
Areas of use:
Aircrafts industry, Metallurgy, nuclear industry, Electrical engineering, Engineering, Foundry, Blanking, Shipbuilding, Medicine,
Car production.
Work with materials:
Alloyed and plain steel, cast iron, platings, plastics*, welds, nonferrous metals, products of powder metallurgy, steatite,
ceramics*, other synthetic materials.

Packing: 500 ml srey can.

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